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Your teacher: Maya –– aka TheMusicianGirl1

Why Learn From Me?

What Can I Do For You?

I want you to learn violin at your own speed and in your own way. I created an extensive on-demand video tutorial library that teaches you everything you need to know to play violin the way that YOU want to –– with your own style, improvisations, and genres.

How Does This Website Work?

You can access ALL of the video tutorials here. The introduction video for each tutorial series is free for you to watch. If you want to keep learning then you can sign up to become a member. I have a 3 day free trial option for you to try out the site! You can also check out all of my Violin FAQ videos here, for FREE!

Who am I?

I'm a violin-obsessed girl who started playing when I was three years old. I love the word 'playing' because that really is what I do. My aim is to show you how much fun the violin can be.

Is it expensive to sign up?

No! A month of membership, giving you unlimited access to the ever-growing library, is less than the price of just one single violin lesson "in real life."

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Have a look at the Video Lessons Library to get an idea of what is available on this site.

You can check out my Violin FAQ series for free, without signing up for anything at all.

If that looks good, then you can sign up for a 3 day free trial.

And if that still all looks good, then WELCOME! Get ready to learn violin how you want to, for less than half the price of one single lesson.

Play the Music YOU Love

Maybe you're a bit like me. I started playing classical music at a very young age, but I never liked it very much. I didn't like how "constricting" my classical music lessons felt. I wanted to be able to improvise and add my own ornamentation, rather than just play what was on the page.

When I became older, I realized that the things I learned from classical music could easily be applied to the music I loved. I practiced hard to apply my skills to the music I did love –– celtic, jazz, bluegrass, pop, and original tunes.

Now, I want to teach you the unique combination of skills that I've learned: the technical ability and musicianship that you can gain from classical music, without the boredom of having to play music that you don't really love.

I believe that you should be able to play what YOU want to play. My job here is to give you all the skills necessary to do exactly that. I will teach you how to improvise, how to play by ear, how to make any sound you want on the violin, and how to understand basic music theory so that you have the freedom to play anything that you want.