30 Days To Improvisation

Join in on jam sessions, improvise in different genres, and write your own music


Do you ever wish you could sit down with another musician and just start playing music together?

Learn some of the most important music theory lessons and hands-on exercises needed to start improvising.

Improvise Music On The Violin

  • Improvise solos within a key signature
  • Improvise solos using pentatonic scales
  • Improvise blues style solos
  • Improvise over specific chord progressions

Also learn how to:

  • Join in at jam sessions
  • Write your own songs
  • Learn new instruments quicker and easier
  • Understand and add variation to the pieces you play now
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For Beginners With No Music Theory

  • It is NOT required to understand anything about music theory. I will explain everything you need
  • It is NOT required to read sheet music
  • It is NOT required, though it is helpful, to have former experience learning by ear
  • It IS required that you watch all the course lessons and practice the daily "homework" tasks! This isn't an easy course, but it's an extremely rewarding one.
  • It IS required that you have a good internet connection! Most of the lessons are videos, so you need to be able to stream them.

Improvisation is not just for musical geniuses.

Learn the inner workings of music and music theory, so that it's no longer a mystery.

Designed To Open Doors

Hi, I'm Maya. I'm a musician, writer, sailor, calligrapher, and most notably the creator behind www.themusiciangirl.com and TheMusicianGirl1 YouTube Channel.

I made this course because not that long ago, I was a young violinist who always wished I could join in and improvise music at jam sessions.

It just looked like so much FUN!

The problem was, I didn't know how.

When I was young I learned mostly Classical and Celtic music. I liked both styles – especially Celtic – and I got pretty good at it.

However, there was something missing. Both styles require you to learn a song, memorize it, and then perform it – or just go on to learn the next one.

I didn't want to just learn one song after another. I wanted to jam and improvise my own music with other musicians.

Eventually, after wading through heaps of books, videos, and embarrassing jam sessions where I played all the wrong notes, I started to see how improvising works.

Instead of being confined to the pieces I knew, violin became this incredible, broad, immersive experience for me. I felt like I could do anything.

Anywhere I go, I can pick up my violin and never be at a loss for something to play.

Improvisation comes down to two things:

  1. Understanding how music actually works
  2. Developing your own style, ear, and imagination

Learn About Both

Understanding How Music Works

  • Tones, Octaves, The Musical Alphabet
  • Key Signatures
  • Major and Minor Scales
  • The Circle of Fifths
  • Pentatonic and Blues Scales
  • How Chords Are Constructed
  • Common Chord Progressions, and Diatonic Chords
  • Scale Modes

Developing Style, Ear & Imagination

  • Ornamentation and how to use it
  • Guided listening exercises to develop your ear and get ideas from other musicians
  • Introduction to many genres of music, and what gives each one its sound
  • Tips on relaxing and "playing from the heart"

Set Up For Your Success

  • Lesson + "homework" everyday for 30 days
  • Two tests (with full review material!) to make sure you don't forget anything!
  • 100+ page course textbook to summarize video lessons and present new information
  • Handwritten, personalized certificate mailed to you when you complete the course! (remember I said I like calligraphy?)

Lessons organized day-by-day

Video lessons with written summaries

Tests to Check Your Learning

100+ Page PDF Textbook To Review Course Material

Risk Free 100% Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident that you will love this course, that I offer a FULL 30 day money back guarantee. If you finish the course and find that you didn't learn what you wanted to learn, then send me an email and I'll refund your money.

A 30 day guarantee on a 30 day course might sound crazy, but my goal here is for you to learn how to improvise. If you didn't learn, I don't want your money!

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Designed For Busy Beginner Violinists

  • This is the only online improvisation course designed specifically for violinists!
  • I cover all the music theory you need to know. I don't assume you've had prior music theory training.
  • To learn this information in a college course would cost $1000+. To learn it from a private violin teacher (assuming 30 half hour lessons at $40/lesson) would cost $1,200.
  • Full money back guarantee
  • You get a beautiful certificate upon completion!
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