The Songs

This series is for learning new songs, improving your learning-by-ear ability, and learning how to add audible passion and meaning to the songs that you play.

Which series is right for you?

The Songs series is the FUN part of this website. Well, everything is fun. But the songs series is where you get to apply all of the techniques and skills that you've learned to build a bigger repertoire. Asides from just teaching you songs and honing your by-ear abilities, the songs series also goes further to teach you how to interpret and add feeling and style to each piece. Violin, or music in general, is more than just playing some notes in the right order. Music moves us because it contains passion, and a skilled musician knows how to pull those passions out through the way they play. After teaching you each song, I go on to show you how to interpret and add to the song so it's more than "just the notes."